Students will demonstrate respect for themselves, others, the community, and the nation.

Cultural Awareness
Students, as citizens of the world, will demonstrate respect for and interact responsibly with people of diverse cultures and languages.

Students will take responsibility for the conservation and preservation of the environment and acknowledge the impact of their actions.

Students will effectively share and actively listen to information, ideas and feelings.

Students will demonstrate sound attitudes toward physical fitness, health and personal well-being.

Students will effectively and responsibly use technology to accomplish (various) tasks.

Students will demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of the arts and develop skills to express personal artistic talent.

Students will produce an original piece of academic writing using reviewed and credible sources and data as well as the students’ own analysis and conclusions.

Personal Finance
Students will demonstrate financial management skills to achieve life goals.

Career Skills
Students will possess the skills to enter a competitive job market and sustain gainful employment.

Commencement Goal Committee June 29, 2009