This was the second year Germantown Central offered an Archery club team. During the season the three different teams would meet once a week to practice. This included an Elementary team (4th-6th), a Middle School team (6th-8th), and a High School Team (9th-12th).

The teams participated in two different tournaments this season. The first was a St. Judes virtual fundraiser tournament. Germantown had 48 Archers compete and combined the archery teams raised $516, which was donated to St. Judes Children research hospital

The second tournament was a Germantown school district tournament where the kids enjoyed competing against each other, with the winning prizes being Stewarts gift cards. 

Outstanding Archers that had honorable mention scores in the St Judes tournament were as follows:

  Elementary team with the best 5 scores were Zachary Schmitz, Gabe Greskow, Liam Brannen, Kelsey Merganthaler and Jennifer Lewis.

Middle School Team best 5 scores- Cooper Dufresne, Peyton Burleigh, Jesse Marsal, Lila Daley and Maeya Greskow

High School Team top 5 scores- Caleb Hildenbrand, Noam Tuscan, Max Liefer, Jacob Daley, and Brian Gardner.

Winners of the Germantown Challenge were as follows:

High School- 1st place – David Schmitz, 2nd Place- Caleb Hildebrand, 3rd Place- Noam Tuscan

Middle School: 1st Place- Cooper Dufresne, 2nd Place- Jesse Marsal, 3rd Place- Peyton Burleigh

Elementary School- 1st Place- Michael Nash, 2nd Jacob Dodge and 3rd Liam Brannen