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Platt, Wimmer Honored With Monthly Awards

Congratulations to Mi-Hye Platt and Ms. Wimmer for being named the Student of the Month and Teacher of the Month, respectively, for January 2020.

Mi-Hye Platt is a senior at GCS who has favorite subjects of AP English, Economics and Journalism. After graduation, Mi-hye is taking a gap year to participate in a leadership program where she will go overseas and be involved in service projects. Her travels will take her to the Philippines and South America, as well as other countries.

“I’m very honored to be someone that my teachers are proud of,” she said.

Ms. Wimmer is in her second year of being a Teacher Assistant at GCS. She enjoys working with the students at GCS and seeing how much they have fun trying new things. She also enjoys working in a small school, noting that there is a great atmosphere here with a close knit, family feel. Ms. Wimmer graduated from Russell Sage College with a degree in Physical Education and coaches the girls modified soccer and basketball teams.

"It feels great to be recognized. All of the faculty and staff have been very welcoming since my first day here," she said.

Mi-Mye Platt and Alison Wimmer