Germantown CSD Community,

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul released School Aid projections for the 2024-25 school year following her Executive Budget presentation last month.

Included in this information were Foundation Aid projections. Foundation Aid makes up a significant portion of revenue for all school districts.  The proposed budget allocates a reduction of $914,233 from year-to-year.

Receiving less Foundation Aid than last year will have a direct impact on meeting the needs of our students, and will result in cuts to programming, athletics, and enrichment opportunities.

We take our role as the financial stewards of our community very seriously and, therefore, respectfully request that the State re-examine the proposed budget. The District is reaching out to elected officials to advocate for change. We encourage community members to reach out to elected officials, as well. Below you will find contact information for those who count members of the Germantown Central School District as constituents in New York State.


Kathy Hochul – (518) 474-8390, email

Lieutenant Governor:

Antonio Delgado – (518) 402-2292, email


Didi Barrett – (518) 828-1961, email


Michelle Hinchey – (845) 331-3810, email